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TRUST IN FOAM!              

One Seven also offers its know-how and products for stationary fire protection as a planner, developer, producer and service provider. For this purpose various One Seven® compressed air foam systems are available. Of course these systems can be adapted to customers` specific industry, risk potential and size of the objects to be protected.                                                                                                                             



The One Seven® Maxi-Xtinguisher is a small extinguishing system that works completely independent. It is mainly used where a fast reaction time between fire detection and extinguishing start is necessary.


The foaming agent is already mixed with water and is stored in a pressure container as a so-called "premix". This eliminates the need for a separate container for foaming agents. In this system compressed air is supplied by compressed gas (nitrogen). The operation time depends on the quantities of premix and compressed gas and on the preset volume flow.


The Maxi-Xtinguisher is primarily designed for machine or object protection. The One Seven® extinguishing foam is extracted via special nozzles directly to those areas where there is the greatest risk of fire in a machine or facility. Fast detection of the fire and short pipelines guarantee an almost instantaneous application of the One Seven® foam to the endangered areas.


The Maxi-Xtinguisher can be combined with any extinguishing system control and fire alarm system. Manual mechanical release is also possible.


The Maxi-Xtinguisher is installed in a standing cabinet. All necessary components for the production of the One Seven® compressed air foam are already integrated. These include the tank for the premix, the compressed gas container and the corresponding mixing elements.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        



The Stored Energy System is a complete extinguishing system that allows operation without the use of a pump or compressor. It is intended for use in places where the power supply is not sufficient to operate a compressor and a pump or where very short reaction times are required. Only the system´s control unit needs to be supplied with electrical energy.


The Stored Energy System is a single-zone extinguishing system. The required operation time is determined individually on the basis of the object to be protected and the required application rate so that the fire can be extinguished efficiently.


The Stored Energy System is equipped with an extinguishing system control which enables the system to be released manually. If automatic release of the system is desired or necessary an additional fire alarm system is required.



The One Seven® wall hydrant is a system for manual fire fighting with One Seven® compressed air foam. The system is designed for installation on existing water or hydrant lines. The cabinet contains a hose reel, a tank with One Seven® foaming agent and a nitrogen filled pressure container. Depending on the capacity of the water connection the extinguishing foam can be conveyed in a hose line up to 60 m length.


Typical applications are industrial plants with production and storage facilities where the wall hydrants are installed in addition to an automatic extinguishing system.


The One Seven® wall hydrants are primarily used for very fast fire extinguishing or for extinguishing small fires.



Schmitz One Seven develops and produces special fixed extinguishing systems for numerous areas of application – naturally all based on the proven One Seven® compressed air foam. These include recycling companies, heliports, traffic tunnels, offshore production platforms, petrochemical plants and many other areas that are exposed to an increased fire risk or where a fire can have fatal consequences for people and the environment. Every industry and every object to be protected requires an individual risk analysis and a specific planning of the extinguishing systems.


Over the years we have realized many large-scale projects. Our experts are at your disposal for advice and information on reference projects.

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