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Municipal fire departments in German state of Brandenburg are to receive new firefighting engines. A total of 46 vehicles will be purchased this year. 30 of them are special tankers for fighting vegetation fires.

One Seven is supplying the proportioner type OSP-16i-AMP for all 46 vehicles. This is an electrically driven pressure proportioning system. The foaming agent is metered automatically on the basis of the set proportioning rate and the currently measured water volume flow. Deviations in the calculated delivery volume (e.g. due to viscosity changes caused by temperature fluctuations) are detected by modern sensor technology and corrected automatically.

The system control is also provided by One Seven. The entire system is started with just one push of a button and operated via a 4.3`` touch screen. Self-explanatory symbols enable error-free operation even in stressful situations. State-of-the-art CAN bus controls and fast Ethernet communication ensure immediate system adjustments when changing individual components.


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