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The One Seven proportioning system OSP-24i-T is an electrically driven positive pressure proportioning system for the delivery and admixture of foaming agent to water. It can be carried comfortably by two people and can therefore be used flexibly at any location. The OSP-24i-T operates highly precisely and always delivers constant, optimum proportioning rates, independent of varying flow rates, pressure and back pressure. This makes it a technologically up-to-date alternative to replace Z-proportioners still used by many fire departments.

The design of the new OSP-24i-T proportioning system with its robust frame and protective housing allows the use under harsh operating conditions. The foaming agent is automatically dosed on the basis of the set proportioning rate and the currently measured water volume flow. Deviations in the calculated delivery volume (e.g. due to viscosity changes caused by temperature fluctuations) are detected and automatically adjusted by means of highly accurate and at the same time very robust sensor technology. The integrated plunger pump is suitable for all foaming agents approved for firefighting up to a viscosity of 500 mPa*s. Of particular interest is the possibility of using modern "high-performance" foaming agents with proportioning rates of economical 0.3 - 1.0%. Intuitive operation is done via an integrated 5-inch color display with touchscreen.


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