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Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Our society is facing unprecedented challenges. Climate change is in full swing and the effects are fatal. Flood disasters, heat waves, forest fires and extreme weather events are real threats. In addition, there are pandemics, major emergencies, terrorist attacks, industrial disasters and military conflicts. How do we deal with them - socially, politically and in practice? At FIREmobil numerous suppliers will present their possibilities for answering this question.

FIREmobil is a show for crisis management and disaster management for decision-makers and members in response organizations. From September 14-16, 2023 FIREmobil will take place on the grounds of Welzow Airfield in Brandenburg, Germany.

One Seven and the European research project TREEADS will be represented with their booths. One Seven will present a real forest firefighting operation in the demonstration area on Thursday and Friday. In a real forest fire situation a firefighting team with water and a firefighting team with One Seven compressed air foam will compete against each other. There will also be a practical demonstration of how to set up a defensive sprinkler barrier with impact sprinklers using One Seven compressed air foam.

The TREEADS research project is a European joint project for the development of a holistic management system for the prevention, detection and suppression of forest fires and the subsequent renaturation of the land. One Seven is involved in this project as a fire protection specialist with modern extinguishing methods. You will find the joint TREEADS booth in hall A, booth number 1019.

Visit the FIREmobil and learn in theory and practice which modern solutions One Seven has ready for effective and environmentally friendly vegetation firefighting!


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