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Last week the One Seven extinguishing system for the heliport at the hospital “Klinikum Vest” in Recklinghausen (Germany) was put into operation.

The elevated heliport is designed for category 2 helicopters. In addition to a hose line (foam volume 250 l/min) there are two monitors (foam volume 500 l/min each) available for firefighting in accordance with ICAO guidelines. The monitors are controlled by a wired remote control. The system guarantees a minimum extinguishing time of 10 minutes.

The extinguishing system is a "stored energy system", i.e. no electrical energy is required for the extinguishing operation (with exception of the remote control of the monitors). Water, foam concentrate and nitrogen are stored in pressurized tanks and mixed in the optimum ratio without the use of pumps.

The low consumption of water and foam concentrate of One Seven systems means that the extinguishing media can be stored in smaller and more space-saving containers. In addition, significantly less contaminated extinguishing water needs to be disposed of in case of a fire.

The contact details of our division manager for stationary fire protection, Mr. Axel Jaeger, can be found here in the "Contact persons" section.


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