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With the OS-900-TeC Schmitz One Seven GmbH has launched a compact compressed air foam system which offers unmatched opportunities concerning versatility and extinguishing power. Due to its small dimensions the new OS-900-TeC can be installed in all kinds of firebrigade vehicles.

The dimensions of the OS-900-TeC are only 1,030 mm in length, 650 mm in depth and 800 mm in height. The weight is approx. 220 kg. With these compact dimensions the system is predestined for installation in smaller vehicles. These include for example 4-wheel -driven pick-ups for fighting forest fires in rough terrain, vans which are often used as RIVs or also speedboats on shipping waters. When mounted on a trolley the OS-900-TeC can even be carried in equipment trucks and used flexibly.

The OS-900-TeC is a completely self-contained system. It is driven by a gasoline enginewhich is supplied with fuel from an external canister. Compressed air is provided by a compressor with a capacity of 780 l/min at 8 bar working pressure. Water is supplied via a 1.5-inch suction inlet. The One Seven compact foam generator produces up to 900 l/min of One seven foam which is discharged via a 1.5`` outlet. The proportioning rate of the foaming agent is steplessly adjustable from 0.2 % to 2.0 %.

Apart from One Seven compressed air foam also wetting agent or only water can be discharged in a volume of 170 l/min. Thus the OS-900-TeC provides the appropriate extinguishing agent for every application – from inner-city car fires to vegetation fires in water reserves.

The patented One Seven technology ensures that the extinguishing foam is always produced in a consistent, optimum consistency. The system detects pressure and flow changes as well as viscosity changes of the foaming agent and makes the necessary adjustments fully automated to deliver always the best quality foam.

The OS-900-TeC is started and controlled via a terminal with a 4.3`` display. The entire system with all its components is started with just one push of a button. The terminal can be turned and tilted according to the lighting conditions.

Optional equipment includes a switchover for a hose reel or monitor, a fuel pump with connection to the vehicle tank, water tanks in various sizes and a control unit for the driver´s cab.


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