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One Seven´s “stationary” division equips electric offshore substations of offshore wind parks with firefighting technology for many years. Customers come from all over Europe. References include the Seamade wind farm in Belgium, St. Brieuc in France, Westermost in England, Arkona in Germany and many more. The latest project is the fire protection at the Baltic Eagle wind farm with a capacity of 476MW off the island of Rügen/Germany. Here an extinguishing system OS-SES-600 will be installed and will protect main and auxiliary transformers, diesel generators and other machinery spaces.

The One Seven product line SES (Stored Energy System) is a complete fixed firefighting system (FFFS) which allows energy-independent operation. It is intended for use in places where the power supply is not sufficient to operate a compressor and a pump or where very short reaction times are required. The One Seven FFFS are tailor-made solutions based on an individual risk analysis and meeting the customers’ needs.


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