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Updated: Mar 23, 2022

The current political and economic developments in the world are worrying us a lot and as a consequence the conditions for a carefree INTERSCHUTZ 2022 no longer exist. The fire protection industry, like any other manufacturing industry, is massively affected by material shortages, which cause very long delivery times. Generally, sharp price increases associated with the shortage of materials cannot be passed on to our customers.

The dramatically escalating conflict in Ukraine with a steadily increasing number of refugees and rapidly collapsing markets in the east, require to act responsibly and with foresight in our economic activities and to deal with the associated consequences.

Therefore, we have decided that we will not exhibit at INTERSCHUTZ 2022. This decision was not taken lightly as this trade show is one of the world's leading shows for our industry at which we have been represented without interruption for over 30 years. However, since other companies, which are important in the global market, also reconsider or already have cancelled their participation at INTERSCHUTZ, we see our decision confirmed and hope for your understanding.

Like other companies in the fire protection industry, we will do our best to support the fire departments and people of Ukraine in their undaunted fight for the freedom of their country.


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