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Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become part of our everyday lives for many years and are in daily use across all generations. Intuitive operation of the devices and the apps installed on them is taken for granted, nowadays no one wants to read long manuals. Gestures used to operate these devices have become so ingrained in people's mind that they often try to tap, swipe or scroll even on non-touch-enabled devices. With the new OSeC control (One Seven easy Control) from Schmitz One Seven GmbH modern communication technology is now finally making its way into the operation of One Seven compressed air foam systems. Gone are the days when the operator had to choose between numerous buttons (and certainly also pressed them incorrectly in stressful situations) in order to adapt the extinguishing system to fire conditions.

As with previous One Seven control generations the OSeC is operated via a modern touch screen with color display. This is available in the sizes 7`` or 12``. It can be operated reliably even with gloves or when the screen surface is wet. The display shows only those touch fields which are relevant in the current operating state of the extinguishing system. Fields that are not required are automatically hidden. This intelligent preselection of touch fields eliminates the possibility of serious operating errors.

The team of One Seven software developers also attached great importance to the design of the icons: Self-explanatory icons ensure quick visual orientation on the screen and intuitive system control in stressful operation situations.

The OSeC is programmed on the PLC. This is installed in a particularly protected way and can even withstand strong vibrations. This makes the OSeC much more fail-safe than controllers where programming is done directly on the screen.

If the external display of the OSeC should be damaged during operation it is possible to operate the One Seven compressed air foam system via a redundant control unit in the driver's cab.

The protection class of the new One Seven control unit is IP67.


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