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We are happy that we have finally acquired the long expected FM Approval for our One Seven SES (stored-energy system) OS-SES-CT-600.

The One Seven OS-SES is a fixed compressed air foam extinguishing system based on the SES principle: A Stored-Energy-System being fully independent from any external power supply.

The SES foaming module will be factory-set to a risk specific value between 50 to 600 l/min (approx. 15 to 150 gal/min). Since the OS-SES has been developed for operating times of up to 20 minutes it is compliant with the requirements of FM Global and NFPA 11 for fixed CAFS. Usually and where NFPA 11 applies 5 to 10 minutes operating time are designed based on a qualified risk evaluation.

The One Seven OS-SES as FM approved is a pre-engineered, stationary, stored-energy firefighting system for the protection of hazards with liquid fuels. The aim of the One Seven SES is to extinguish the fire but at minimum to control and suppress it at an early stage in order to minimize loss of lives, value and building structure.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the approval process was accompanied by difficulties by regulations prohibiting travelling and on-site visits by the FM engineers but as of today we have received the approval certificate.

The team of One Seven in Germany is looking forward to assisting you in any project in the future involving FM Global and requiring an FM approved fixed CAFS.


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