Within the field of mobile systems, we can supply the right system for any application range. Size and capacity can be adjusted to your requirements.

Basically, we can provide:

  • Built-in systems for new firefighting vehicles
  • Retrofit systems which can be installed independent of the manufacturer
  • Self-sustaining systems which can be flexible applied and which can
    be transported with any vehicle


The capacity will be determined by different compressor capacities depending on the requirements:

  • OS          C1-100  B             1 x 1.5“ outlet
  • OS          C2-200  B             2 x 1.5“ outlet
  • OS          C2-110  B             1 x 1.5“ outlet + 1 x 2.0’’ outlet
  • OS          C3-120  B             1 x 1.5“ outlet + 2 x 2.0’’ outlet


The flow rates of the outlets are aligned to the maximum capacity of the hose. Therefore we offer you solutions that correspond to your hose dimensions.

i.e:         1.5“        outlet = 1400     lpm of One Seven® extinguishing agent
2.0“        outlet = 2200     lpm of One Seven® extinguishing agent


Our One Seven® built-in systems are a modular design, easy to mount, offer the highest reliability with low maintenance effort, together with all the advantages of the One Seven® technology. An installation can be realized on any firefighting vehicle: standard firefighting vehicles, industrial firefighting vehicles, forestry firefighting vehicles, air-crash tenders and other specialist firefighting vehicles.

All system functions can be controlled via the control panel. This control panel can either be integrated into the pump control panel or it can be separately mounted. The built-in systems correspond to the highest quality requirements and will have full electronic control via a PLC and they are connected to chassis and pump via innovative CAN bus technology. Through this, a “one-button operation” had been achieved: providing easy handling and a prevention of operating errors. The control panels can additionally be designed as touch screen.


  • space-saving mounted
  • high reliability
  • no complex compressor drive
  • no additional couplings
  • low maintenance effort
  • Logical and modern interface
  • One Button Operation (CAN-Bus technology)

Most customers wish their system to be provided with a changeover between wet and dry foam.  Depending on the required configuration, water and air flows are either permanently factory preset, or possibly adjusted by the operator with an electrically driven proportionning system.


Our retrofit systems can be installed in any vehicle – independent of the manufacturer. When installing the One Seven® systems we are not dependent on the auxiliary drive. The installation will be individually realized according to your requirements.

Due to the tense financial situation, many municipalities cannot purchase new firefighting vehicles at the moment. We developped these “retrofit systems” to enable the usage of One Seven® but also for fire brigades that cannot purchase new firefighting vehicles currently. With a retrofit system you are able to increase the value of your existing firefighting vehicle – without the purchase costs for a new vehicle.

The retrofit system consists of a mounting frame containing a drive engine, our established C1 compressor package, a proportioner and the complete control and regulation technology incl. mixing line. This unit can be mounted in any accessible position on the vehicle. All we need is to realize a connection to the centrifugal pump.


The mobile devices are self-sustaining One Seven® systems for mobile operation outside of the firefighting vehicle.

They can be stored and transported in any vehicle.

The compressed air driven compact system OS-300TZ can also be operated within explosive areas. It is suitable for installation in:

  • Rapid Intervention Trucks
  • Technical Rescue Trucks
  • Multipurpose Vehicles
  • Portable Fire Engine Vehicles


The OS C1-100-S is a mobile, self-sustaining fire suppression system with the dimensions and weights of a portable fire engine 8/8 according to German Standard. The Powerbox can continuously supply a One Seven® 1.5” outlet with 1.4m³ of compressed air foam per minute. In addition it is possible to simultaneously discharge approximately 200l of water per minute via a separate 1.5” outlet.

With the new OS-C-800FF for forest and wildland fires we developed a self-sustaining system. With two 1” (D) outlets and up to 50 lpm per outlet it is the ideal addition to the range of products. For a similar application, we offer the new OS-C-1000FF with one outlet 1,5” (C) and 120 lpm.