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Jul 24, 2012

In June 2012 the One Seven of Germany GmbH delivered 15 One Seven® Build-In Systems to the truck manufacturer GIMAEX for the delivery to Vietnam.

Technical Data of the OS C2-200-B HR
The One Seven® system has two One Seven® 1.5“-outlets and one 2.0”-High Rise outlet. Optional and depending from the obtained system it is possible, to bundling the One Seven outlets in question to additional outlets. Each of the One Seven® 1.5“-outlet can discharge up to 1300 Liters One Seven® foam per minute and is therefore designed to continuously supply the One Seven® 1.5”-pistol grip nozzle.


The 2.0“-High Rise outlet can discharge up to 3300 Liters One Seven® foam per minute.

The High Rise option allows to discharge foam on longer distances and/or heights. Indeed, a firetruck equipped with a One Seven® High Rise system was able to discharge foam as at 360m height in the World Financial Center of Shanghai.