• One Seven® does not only control the fire but suppress it very efficiently
    • Strong cooling capacities (adhesive to the surrounding surfaces)
    • Direct attack of the fire seat (high kinetic energy – adhesive property)
  • One Seven® can be transported very rapidly over long distances with low pressure loss
  • One Seven® is very efficient on hydrocarbons or tyres fires
  • One Seven® quality is independant from the surrounding air quality (compressed gaz)
  • One Seven® efficiency is not hampered by the ventilation (tested with more than 6m/sec)
  • One Seven® discharge inside the tunnel entails no risk for tunnel users
  • One Seven® discharge inside the tunnel does not hamper the user evacuation more than other systems
  • One Seven® protects the tunnel structures against heat radiation
  • One Seven® does not hamper the firefighter intervention inside the tunnel more than other systems
  • One Seven® can be discharged through fixed nozzles and/or through hose lines
  • One Seven® reduces water supply constraints
  • One Seven® maintenance in tunnels is easy and fast (dry deluge system: no frost, no corrosion)