Storage tanks are an important part of modern-day infrastructure. They supply fuels and raw materials to the industry and heating fuel and automobile fuel to the populace. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to take effective measures so that fires and explosions are avoided in this sensitive area. Generally, according to the corresponding specifications, stationary extinguishing systems and other firefighting systems have to be provided.

 But when fires break out and there is no immediate and effective firefighting, tank fires always quickly take on a catastrophic character.

 Depending on the construction of the tanks, specific requirements have to be implemented. The dimensions of today’s tanks are becoming ever bigger. A volume of up to 90,000 tonnes is not a rarity any more. Therefore, the requirements for fire protection are becoming more and more complicated and extensive.

With One Seven®, effective protection

 The innovative compressed air foam extinguishing system One Seven® is able, owing to this extraordinary heat binding ability, to dampen such fires and even to extinguish them.

The concept of the One Seven® tank firefighting systems is based on a purposeful firefighting of the interior of the tank.

 The application areas are

  • Fixed roof tanks
  • Floating roof tanks
  • Tank wagon filling/emptying stations
  • Covered stadiums
  • etc.