Basically, the One Seven® extinguishing systems are suitable for a lot of applications onto objects or for room protection. The dimensions of the One Seven® firefighting system are always be determined on the basis of the size of the object to be protected and the required application rate. The discharge of the compressed air foam within the extinguishing sector is made via special One Seven® discharge installations that have especially been developed for the application of compressed air foam.
Object protection

Object protection means that the firefighting system protects a single object inside a room against fire and fire spreading. These objects could be machines, working areas or cable channels. For this, One Seven® nozzles are placed around the object so that it is possible to foam it completely and to guarantee the best protection.

Picture: Protection of electrical cabinets
Room protection

Room protection means a protection version designed for larger areas. This could be a single room inside a building or a large production hall. For this, the One Seven® rotors are mounted below the ceiling to guarantee an area-wide protection of the whole room. If a mounting at the ceiling should be impossible, various monitor types can be used.

Picture: Protection of a television studio